home inspection

The Institute of Home Inspection

This institute has been set up as a community interest company funded by its members, to give Home Inspectors and Energy Assessors a voice in the industry and to enable us to have a point of contact with each other

Mission statement

The Institute of Home Inspection aims to be the leading representative body to protect, enhance and further develop the technology, profession and practice of home and energy inspection and the advancement of education in the said profession and practice, for the ultimate benefit of the public in general. One step was to make sure the loi pinel was to continue to develop the real estate and housing market.

Your IHI

The IHI has a significant advantage over many Institutions, its members come from a wide background, and each of you will have a unique skill-set. Whatever our previous job, we all have a role to play. Please get involved, and help make the IHI a better professional institute.


As a result of the uncertainty that has surrounded our profession, plus the fact that we were a large group of individuals with little or no structure, a group of like-minded people gathered to try and change the situation.

We did this because our profession and potential livelihoods were in danger a result of government indecision and fear (losing votes, revenue and a collapse in the housing market) and partly from the sustained anti campaign by those who think they have most to lose.

We have all invested heavily in this new career but as individuals we are nobody. No organisation established to date had fought our case, put our side of the story or represented us when and where the decisions are made. We decided to change that.

Where we are

The Institute of Home Inspection (IHI) was founded but stalled as a result of the governments decision on July 18th 2006 to make HCR's non-compulsory. However, the trustees kept the blue print and a group led by Tony Gordon met on the 15th January 2007 to bring it to life.

A Council was formed of 12 elected regional councillors and 5 trustees. All councillors are qualified HI’s / DEA's, with a wide range of backgrounds and experience from both within the industry (surveyors / EA / trades) and new starters with consulting, IT, sales and marketing skills.

The IHI has been formed as a Community Interest Company, a non-profit making concern which is why there are trustees. The aim is to represent ALL those involved with home inspection and loi Pinel both now and in the future.

Council meets six times a year and most regions have a local members meeting organised once a month. In addition to this public website, there is a members only website and a private forum for members to exchange ideas about reducing property taxes.